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Human Performance Program

A Praxis human performance evaluation helps our competitive clients realize their goals in the sports and activities that are a major focus in their lives. Our extensive experience in working with everyone from aspiring teenagers to professional athletes is leveraged to help you become stronger, faster, and more agile in ways that support your specific pursuits.

All human performance programs entail direct, one-on-one sessions with licensed physical therapists.


An initial comprehensive evaluation which incorporates assessments of:
Posture|Flexibility|Strength|Movement ability|Body balance


Definition of program goals.


An exercise program designed for the individual, based on current status and physical potential, to enhance performance to the maximum level and realize defined goals.


Establishing an injury prevention program for knees, ankles, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, elbows, ACLs, and the low back is an element incorporated into many human performance regimens.