Do I need a referral?
Yes. The State of Illinois requires a prescription or referral from your physician, surgeon, osteopath, or chiropractor for physical therapy services. No physician referral or prescription is needed for Human Performance evaluation.
Does insurance cover physical therapy?
In most cases, yes. Check with your insurance provider to determine the benefit level, and to assure you receive the maximum benefits under your policy.
Do you accept Medicare?
Yes we do.
Does insurance cover human performance services?
No. But you have absolute access to human performance training – no referral is required by the state.
Is Praxis credentialed with my insurance network?
As this information changes regularly, call Praxis at (847) 247-7200 to find out if and how your insurance covers your Praxis physical therapy.
What can I expect on my first visit to Praxis?
You should arrive approximately 15 minutes before your appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. The initial evaluation and subsequent physical therapy will take an hour; follow-up visits are typically 30 minutes, but time of sessions will be determined by your physical therapist when he or she schedules your follow-up appointment.
What should I bring to my initial visit?
You should bring comfortable workout clothes, including shoes and socks, the prescription from your physician, your insurance card, and a photo ID.
What is a D.P.T.?
The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is a postbaccalaureate degree conferred upon successful completion of a doctoral level professional or postprofessional education program.